All relationships go through difficult times if these times are supported and negotiated well deeper growth, connection and intimacy occurs.

In addition to my medical background and psycho-therapeutic studies I have undertaken extensive training specializing in couple/relationship therapy. After many years of experience I am competent in supporting you to a deeper understanding of yourself and in relationship with others. The inquiry for self discovery is ultimately exploring the question“what gets in the way of me taking in the love and support available to me”. When this inquiry is undertaken as a couple, it leads to deeper connection and commitment. Also Issues of trigger and conflict management, sexual intimacy difficulties, infidelity and fertility crisis are common features in my offerings to couples. Inter-relational issues between family members eg: father/son, siblings, co-workers also engage in couple/relationship therapy to resolve or manage conflict.

Feel free to call me to discuss scheduling an appointment. It may feel like a huge step in making a first appointment but you can do so with no obligation to continue as it’s important to find a suitable therapist to support you at this time in your relationship together Confidentiality assured.

During this current pandemic I provide all consultations on line if people do not wish to or are restricted. Zoom, Doxyme, Skype and whats-app are online channels available. Online sessions work remarkably well, far better than anticipated.